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Roberta Cook
Nutritional & Wellness Counselor

"Above and beyond my wildest expectations"
Roberta from LifeCycle Nutrition is the best and most patient nutritionist you could ever work with. I gained 50 pounds after I quit smoking so I called Roberta to help me to make smarter food decisions and she went above and beyond my wildest expectations. She took the time to listen to my needs and helped me understand how the body works. She also encouraged me to exercise and run. Roberta took a lot of her personal time just teaching me to breathe properly when running. Thanks to Roberta I have lost that 50 pounds, I understand my body much better, I eat healthy and I am now able to run 8 miles regularly. If anyone can help you change your lifestyle, Roberta is the one for you.
Mary Jo Stearns
Wilmington, MA

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